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The Global Cinematography Institute is devoted to continuing the creative and technical education of cinematographers and filmmakers from around the world into the future of image making. This happens through our intensive Core and Advanced Sessions in Expanded Cinematography® that provide instruction from industry experts and an extensive hands-on learning experience.

Our unique Expanded Cinematography Curriculum emphasizes hands-on practical work and studies in Lighting & Composition, Virtual & Digital Cinematography, Color Correction and Management, Previsualization, Video Game Cinematography, Career Management and more.


"The Global Cinematography Institute has been the most incredible experience, worth every mile traveled to get there!"

DP Joao Jasmin, G.C.I. Graduate


Imagery. Art. Technology.


During the last few years, the role of cinematography in film has changed. In response, Global Cinematography Institute has formed and teaches a new trademarked visual, artistic, and technical concept.

Expanded Cinematography® refers to the current and future trend of cinematography and image making which encompasses traditional and live action techniques alongside digital, virtual, and video game tools and workflows.

The Expanded Cinematography Curriculum recasts the pre-production, production and post production processes around artistic choices and creative control by integrating methods of traditional cinematography with the latest advancements in digital and virtual tools and the latest developments in visual aesthetics.


"The work I'm capable of today is a direct result of the guidance and teachings of my mentors, who have helped me take my work to the next level."

DP Jeff Galyan, G.C.I. Graduate

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Learn From The Best

Award Winning & Critically Acclaimed Teachers

At the Global Cinematography Institute, we take pride in finding the best experts in the industry to bring their unique perspective to our classes. Our renowned Teachers and Guest Artists are experienced in their positions and seek to help cinematographers and filmmakers become better image creators.

Guest Artists are members of the ASC, BSC, AIC, ACS, and many other unions, guilds, organizations, etc.


“I have gained more at G.C.I. than in the last 8 years of trial and error. I am inspired now and ready to work.”

DP Eugene Yu, G.C.I. Graduate

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Upcoming Sessions

November 30th - December 16th
Core Session

December 17th - December 23rd
Advanced Session

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Our students learn the necessary skills to take their artistry and technical dexterity to the next level and to gain the confidence to take on larger and more complex projects.

Students learn through an intensive group study in many subjects alongside a team of their peers and selected G.C.I. Mentors.