Teacher Profile

Theo Van de Sande, ASC


A world-renowned cinematographer from the Netherlands, his credits include Blade, Cruel Intentions, Wayne's World, Big Daddy,Bad Santa 2 and The Riches(TV).

Lately Van de Sande works more frequently for TV Series, and from 2015 he shot for Director Gary Fleder and Director Mark Waters: 3 features, 7 TV-Pilots & 7 TV Episodes in 4 different countries and 8 different Cities, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest London and Los Angeles, with 9 different camera crews.

For AMAZON PRODUCTIONS he finished this year in Prague the final 2 episodes of CARNIVAL ROW directed by Jon Amiel and again another AMAZON PRODUCTION an Episode of the Series: BOSCH in Los Angeles

In 2015 he received an ASC Nomination in the category TV Movie, for DELIVERANCE CREEK, a period piece set during the Civil War (Lifetime, 2014), also directed by Jon Amiel.