Teacher Profile

Steven Jacob


Steven Jacob began his production career in New York working on spots with special effects pioneers “Charlex.” He developed his production skills working with Jon Kamen and Henry Sandbank at the legendary Sandbank & Partners. He moved from there when Kamen founded Radical Media. At Radical Media, he worked as a producer and the firm’s first Director of New Media. In 1995 Steve moved over to The Gersh Agency where he began and developed their commercial Below the Line Division.

In 2000 he split off and began Gravity, his own BTL agency. One year later he merged the fledgling agency with The Julia Kole agency to form Jacob & Kole. After 10 years running the agency, and recognizing changes in the industry necessitating a global presence, his decision to partner with Richard Caleel acknowledges a his philosophical shift towards creating opportunities around the world and encouraging his clients to engage in the business of the business. In addition to his day to day responsibilities, he writes a weekly blog on business issues facing the freelance artist. His blog can be found at http://agentontheloose.wordpress.com

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