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In our mission to prepare the next generation of cinematographers and filmmakers, we partner with some of the most innovative and prestigious companies in the industry. These companies sponsor our classes and greatly contribute through their own efforts to support, prepare, and assist future cinematographers and filmmakers in improving their skills and opening up new ways of artistic expression through image-making.


Premiere Level

G.C.I. Sponsor Logos: Zeiss Lenses and Gamma & Density Company


ZEISS is a German optics manufacturer having designed some of the most revered lenses used in the film industry. Founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 by optician Carl Zeiss, ZEISS is one of the oldest existing optics manufacturers in the world. Some of the most iconic images in both photography and cinematography have been created through ZEISS lenses.

In 2019, continuing their legacy as a leader for film optics, ZEISS opened the Cinema Lens Demo Center in Sherman Oaks. Led by Snehal Patel, Director of Cinema Sales Americas, cinematographers and filmmakers can creatively explore and test different lens options in preparation for their projects. The walls of the ZEISS Cinema Lens Demo Center are lined with on-set stills and posters from films that used ZEISS Lenses, a testament to their legendary contributions to cinematographers and the film industry.

Snehal Patel, Director of Cinema Sales, at ZEISS Cinema Lens Showroom

Snehal Patel, Director of Cinema Sales, at ZEISS Cinema Lens Showroom


Gamma & Density Co. provides workflow solutions to enable and enhance the Cinematographer’s ability to control the digital image. Founded by Yuri Neyman, ASC in 1991, its original "3cP" System was the first "all-in-one" process for image management with an all-encompassing tool set, independent of camera selection, without external hardware requirements or contracts with post-production facilities. Gamma & Density Co.’s Image Control software and specially designed Image Control Charts are used extensively by Cinematographers around the world.

Yuri Neyman, ASC using the first  version of the 3cP On-Set Color Correction System

Yuri Neyman, ASC using the first version of the 3cP On-Set Color Correction System


Gold Level

G.C.I. Sponsor Logos: J.L. Fisher, Keslow Camera, IMAGO, Leader, Kino Flo and MBS Equipment Company


J.L. Fisher is a manufacture and renter of motion picture and television equipment.


Keslow Camera is a premier motion picture film & digital cinema camera rental house in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New Mexico, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Utah and New Orleans.


IMAGO is the International Federation of Cinematographers, a collaborative, global umbrella for the world’s Cinematographers Societies.


Leader manufactures instruments for manipulating, measuring, testing, and converting signals for film and television.


Kino Flo Lighting Systems is a manufacturer LED & FLO lighting systems for Cinema, TV and Digital Imaging.


One of the largest suppliers of lighting equipment for film and television. They have locations across the country.