Planning Your Studies

Financial Assistance


We want our class sessions to address the unique needs of cinematographers, both established and up-and-coming. For that reason G.C.I. offers a number of flexible financial aid options to assist students with financial planning, save on the cost of tuition and get the most from their G.C.I. experience.


Financial Options

Early Bird Discounts

To help students budget and plan for their G.C.I. Session, we offer Early Bird Discounts for students who complete their application ahead of specific deadlines. These Early Bird Discounts do not apply to the Application Fee.

Students that apply before the first Early Bird deadline receive a 20% Early Bird Discount off the total tuition for the Core Session, which would bring the total tuition cost to $3680.00, saving you $920.00 USD.

Students that apply before the second Early Bird deadline can receive a 10% Early Bird Discount off the total tuition for the Core Session, which would bring the tuition to $4140.00, saving you $460.00 USD.


October 30th
20% Deadline

November 13th
10% deadline

November 30th
Classes begin

Interest Free Installment Plans

Upon acceptance, students must initiate a Final Tuition Payment Plan prior to the beginning of the course. Students can choose to pay the full Final Tuition immediately in one lump payment, OR use our Installment-based Payment Plan.

Our Installment Plan splits the final tuition payment into equal monthly payments. There is no additional interest or financing charge to use the Installment-based Payment Plan. No credit check or application is required. Please let our office know in your application if you are interested in this option.

How to Apply

Visit our Apply Page and complete the following steps there:

1: Choose which session you would like to apply to.

2: Pay the $200 Initial Tuition Payment.

3: Complete the form, attaching the requested materials.

All applications require an Application Fee to hold your seat while your application is being processed. Upon acceptance to any session or class, the “final tuition payment” will become due prior to the beginning of the course. We will contact you upon approval of your application. If you have any questions regarding the application process or financial options, please email us.