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Expanded Cinematography


Expanded Cinematography refers to the current and future trend of cinematography and image making which encompasses traditional and live action techniques alongside digital, virtual, and video game tools and workflows.

G.C.I. sessions have been carefully built to give students the necessary skills to put them in a position to compete in the crowded contemporary job market. Our classes are designed for cinematographers and filmmakers looking to upgrade their visuals skills to gain the confidence needed to take on larger and more complex projects.


The Artisty and
Technology of Lighting

In each session students will be exposed to our uniquely designed classes to gain an understanding of Expanded Cinematography through hands-on experience and study with some of the most experienced and successful cinematographers in the world.

Students have the opportunity to explore different lighting setups and learn from distinguished Directors of Photography, many being active members of the ASC, BSC, AFC, AIC, ACS, GSC, IMAGO and other critically acclaimed cinematography organizations. Global Cinematography Institute specifically emphasizes hands-on practical work and study in Lighting & Composition, Virtual & Digital Cinematography, Video Game Cinematography, Color Management, Previsualization, Career Management and more.

Expanded Cinematography recasts the production process around artistic choice and maintaining creative control over the image. The curriculum encompasses classical techniques as well as new concepts and technologies.


Session Details


Upcoming Session Dates:

Sep 19 – Oct 5
Nov 30 – Dec 16


The Core Session is made of two sections that combine to form the complete Expanded Cinematography Curriculum. Section 1: Traditional Approach & Section 2: Modern Path

Read more about our classes here.


Application Fee $200 USD
Section 1: Traditional Approach $2,300 USD
Section 2: Modern Path $2,300 USD
Total $4,800 USD

*All classes, instructors, and schedules subject to change.
*Various financial options available, read more here.


How It Works

Concentrated Study In Expanded Cinematography

Classes are offered in Sessions every two months. Each session spans roughly two consecutive weeks, with classes taught daily on the G.C.I. Soundstage (each class day lasting 6-8 hours). Students additionally have two "creative days" during the week to complete practical assignments for the Lighting and Composition class.

Free time during the weekdays allows more freedom for working professionals, and gives students the opportunity to complete assignments during the day and explore Los Angeles, the center of the worldwide filmmaking industry.

Practical Applications

Throughout the session G.C.I. Students participate in Practical Lighting Workshops on the G.C.I. Soundstage using industry standard equipment. Students learn under the supervision of experienced cinematographers and gaffers how to light scenes requiring different effects such as daylight, candlelight, night, firelight, etc.

Many other G.C.I. classes feature additional hands-on instruction, including color management from pre-production through to post in Davinci Resolve, shooting VFX, green-screen lighting, combining live action and virtual elements, and more!


Distinguished Teachers & Guest Artists

Learning From The Best

As part of our Core Session, students will go on set with some of our distinguished guest instructors to learn their individual lighting techniques.

All of GCI's Faculty are currently active working professionals, constantly earning achievement in their particular fields. Many teachers are active members of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), and also include Oscar-winners, Emmy-winners, Lighting & Camera Union Members, etc.


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