Alumni Spotlight

Xavier Dolleans

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Xavier Dolléans is a French director of photography currently working on feature films and tv series.

He likes being a storyteller, imagining and creating styles matching the script while never losing focus on the main script ideas.

Passionate since childhood by science and technology, tinkering in his garage all kinds of electronic assemblies, Xavier is first attracted by the world of animatronics, special effects and pyrotechnics.

At the age of 16, after getting in touch with SFX specialists and completing an internship in a short film production; he starts his journey on shooting sets.

From internship to internship he discovers a real passion for image and light.

His high school diploma in hand (2003), he goes to Paris to study cinema in the University of Paris 7. In parallel, he participated in many shootings as 3rd assistant director. After 2 years and a training at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumiere (2005), Xavier makes his first projects as director of photography. Music videos, short films, commercials.

At the same time, he integrates camera crews and works as 2nd assistant camera and balloon technician on numerous feature films and TV series.

He keeps training himself through workshops: high speed shooting, 3D cinematography, electrical accreditation, lighting design software, lighting workshops and CGI technologies at the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles.

Since 2014, he has shot numerous music videos, commercials, TV series and TV films including 'Les Ombres Rouges' (6x52'') directed by Christophe Douchand for C8 (Canal+) with Nadia Fares, Antoine Duléry and Lannick Gautry; and also the four seasons of Skam France directed by David Hourrègue, whose the seasons 3 & 4 of are currently broadcast on Slash Tv / France 4.