Alumni Spotlight

Marco Hastrup

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Marcos Hastrup was born in Argentina but raised in England, Malaysia, and Dubai, UAE.

After graduating in Dubai, Marcos moved to Canada to study film at the Toronto Film School. He graduated with honors, and received awards for shooting and directing short films ¨Father and son¨ and ¨Last Breath¨ on 16mm and 35mm film. It was here that Marcos began his journey in Cinematography, mentored by Bernie MacNeil CSC.

He went on to study at the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, California founded by Yuri Neyman, ASC and led by Vilmos Zsigmond ASC (The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, McCabe and Mrs. Miller), Daniel Pearl(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien vs Predator, Friday the 13th), and Christopher Probst ASC (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Torque).

Marcos returned to Argentina and worked his way up the ladder in the camera department, where he worked in Feature films and commercials alongside top Cinematographers such as Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki ASC (Birdman, Gravity, Children of Men), Paul Cameron (Collateral, Man on Fire, Déjà vu, Gone in 60 Seconds), Greig Fraser ASC (Foxcatcher, Zero Dark Thirty, Killing Them Softly), and also acclaimed International Directors such as Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, Frederic Planchon, Armando Bo and Pucho Mentasti.

It wasn’t long before Marcos started marking his own path as a Cinematographer working in Production Houses such as Rebolucion(Argentina), Landia (Argentina), CFM International (Los Angeles), Cinemagica (Chile), Siete Samurai (Peru) for Clients including Bud light, Coca&Cola, Nestle, Sedal, Toyota, BGH, and Phillips.