Alumni Spotlight

Fernando Vilanova

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Husband. Father fo two. Cinematographer.

I am passionate about crafting stories in the most beautiful and engaging way possible.

From an early age I developed a fascination for photography. In it, I found the purest way to communicate to others my way of seeing the world. 

I grew up in a country where artistic careers are not very common. Not knowing any better, I spent four years studying economics. I felt frustrated.  Unhappy. Until the day came that I could not take it anymore and my love for photography took me to New York.

Over the past seven years, I’ve been photographing commercials for the biggest brands in Central America. Among them are Pepsi, Gatorade, Honda, Movistar, Sherwin Williams, Millicom, Flor de Caña and Lifemiles. 

I love good stories because they give us the opportunity to move people.  To influence opinions. To impact lives. 

I’m continuously searching for new challenges, new ways of  working with the elements of a story to create unique looks.

Above all, I want to collaborate with people who appreciate the power of creativity and want their work to be impactful.