Alumni Spotlight

Clara Bianchi

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Clara was Director of Photography on several series of documentaries broadcast on channels recognized for the high quality of their content, such as Canal Encuentro, INCAA TV and ESPN. Among others, she made “Presidents of Latin America”, “Give the Note”, “Soldiers of Peace”, “Battles of Freedom”, “Caudillos”, “Behind every Meeting”, “ESPN Woman” and “Let's Talk Soccer " In 2011, the documentary feature “Un Rey para la Patagonia” by Lucas Turturro was commercially released in theaters, in which she served as DP and cameraman. She was awarded at the 25th Mar del Plata Film Festival, at the 14th Malaga Film Festival and at the 10th Tandil Film Festival. The film has also premiered in France and Italy.

Clara shot the feature film “Music for Marrying” by José Militano which premiered at BAFICI 2018 and in commercial theaters. She served as DP on the television series “The Last Case of Rodolfo Walsh” (Unit 1 - TDA) and the Psychosomatic web series (UN3) and Noche de Amor (Contar. Selection Cannes Series 2019). She was a cameraman on "Ghost of Buenos Aires", a film by Guillermo Grillo which premiered commercially. She has also made commercials for Toyota, Cavallaro (Paraguayan TV), Menoyo, Terma, Bacardi, Knorr, Suter, Credipaz, among others.

Recently the University of Cinema together with El Aleph published her book "Direction of Photography and Visual Effects" which was supported by and based on some of her experience at G.C.I.