Alumni Spotlight

Ben Gaskell

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Benjamin has shot several award winning short documentaries, narrative films, features, music videos, and commercials. His passion and philosophical approach garnered him the rare opportunity to present his creative philosophy at a 2017 TEDx event in Guatemala entitled "How to cultivate inspiration and authenticity in artistic creation."

When he's not on set, Benjamin can be found volunteering with the ASC, reading copious amounts of fiction, rocking out on his bass guitar, and finding new methods of existing as a naturally rebellious freethinking individual.

To date Benjamin has worked on several feature-length and short-form narrative, documentary films. He's worked with such musical artists as David Crosby, Caught a Ghost, and The Dear Hunter. His commercial & corporate roster includes work for VEVO, The Discovery Channel, Audi, Google, Goodyear Tire, McDonald’s, Walmart, SXSW, Ready At Dawn Studios, and Sony Entertainment.