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Amelia Hazlerigg

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Amelia Hazlerigg is a London-based cinematographer drawn to evocative and emotive storytelling. Having studied Art History at The University of Leeds and at the Global Institute of Cinematography in LA, Amelia has an incisive understanding of her craft and an acute eye for composition. Always keen to collaborate with directors to explore dynamic approaches to photographing their vision and finding a way of bringing their intimate narratives to life.  

Having lived in Brazil for a year, making a documentary about the Art of Football during the World Cup, Amelia gained invaluable experience working with complex personalities. Here she built solid relationships and grew to understand the different aesthetics found in the diverse environments around the world. Amelia’s emotional intelligence and passion for her craft allows her to create the vibrant cinematography seen in her work. Being a DOP in a male-dominated industry, only makes this young filmmaker more hungry to succeed and create her best work each time she picks up her camera and turns the lights on.  

British Cinematographer

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