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"GCI is a revolution in education. It is an intimate tutorial by veteran filmmakers impressing their knowledge, secrets and experience to a new generation of filmmakers. The baton is being passed."

- Douglas Chase, Director/Producer (Graduate of Level 1)


  • GCI Co-Founder Vilmos Zsigmond, ASCHands-on instruction on the GCI Practical Lighting stage as part of "Lighting for Feature Films" course.
  • GCI Co-Founder Yuri Neyman, ASCLearn concepts and techniques for modern cinematography and image making - "Expanded Cinematography"
  • GCI Guest Instructor - Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSCSpecial workshops with elite working cinematographers - learn from the best at GCI!
  • GCI Virtual Cinematography Instructor Ron FischerLearn groundbreaking techniques for creating modern digital imagery through virtual technologies.
  • Expand Your Professional Network at GCILearn from world-renound cinematographers, gaffers, digital lighting artists, virtual camera technicians, DITs, colorists and previsualization experts with GCI's diverse faculty!
  • Hands-On Lighting Workshops at GCIBecome knowledgeable in the latest lighting technologies being using on current Hollywood feature film and television productions.
  • Cinematography in Video Games - Taught Only at GCIGCI students visit Activison Headquarters in Los Angeles to learn about the newest motion capture technologies being used in video games.
  • Learn Advanced Lighting & CompositionCombining "Traditional" and "Virtual/Digital" Cinematography results in the concept of an "Expanded Cinematographer" taught at GCI.
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"I believe that I will be much more effective at my job as a result of the holistic approach the course took. I will be in a much better place to make informed choices in all areas of cinematography, camera choice, lighting instruments, workflows, aesthetic approach, etc."


- Milton Santiago, Director of Photography (Graduate of Level 1 & 2)




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Global Cinematography Institute is located in Hollywood, California.

All classes are held at Hollywood Rentals Grip & Electric Facility in Sylmar area of Los Angeles (near Burbank).


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